Packaging Artwork for Jackpot Digger Jigs

In print materials by andrew

Jackpot digger jigs packaging

The Jackpot Digger Jig is a custom-made fishing lure designed to be used on the seabed. Used in conjunction with bait, it’s unique design ‘digs’ up the seabed to attract fish, particularly Fluke, Seabass, Stripers and Bluefish. Jackpot Digger Jigs are available in a variety of colors and ounce weights. All the jigs are baked powdercoat painted to resist chipping, with hand-tied heavy metallic Crystal Flash thread of genuine bucktail hair that is cemented after every layer to assure long life. These weighted jigs are made of lead and rated for deep sea use in saltwater seas.

We provided product photography of the actual jig along with custom artwork creation to mimic it’s in-use function.

Jigs are sold locally in Rhode Island, and on ebay – Jackpot Digger Jigs. A social media presence is planned for the immediate future.